Committed to the Cause


Chrissy Fletcher

Rachel is our Fundraising Coordinator! Have an idea for a fundraiser? Email her at rachel@hubblefoundation.org


Dave and Heather Harrison

We love David and Heather! They are available all the time to help us spread the word and step in when we need last minute things taken care of!


Rachel Gillen


Kris Julian

Kris, an active technician, is one of the sweetest volunteers we have. She is one of our most beloved representatives!

Kathy lost her son, Chad Weller in 2014.  Kathy is available as a Hubble Foundation speaker and representative!


Kathy Hutson Pierce


Alice Wolfe Allen

Chrissy is our Director of Communications - all things social marketing and website.  If you notice anything on the website that needs fixing or an idea for the website, email her at chrissy@hubblefoundation.org

Alice has INSANE attention to detail, and can basically locate any tower information we may need to assist families, apply for memorials, and is a WEALTH of knowledge on safety issues. If you need information, and I don't have it, chances are, Alice is my "go to"

Penny Richardson

Penny also lost her son, Seth Garner in 2014.  Penny is available as a Hubble Foundation speaker and representative!