Key People

Committed to the Cause

Bridgette Hester, Founder/President

Hubble Foundation President
Voting Member

Dr. Hester enjoyed a successful career as a Social Worker in Guntersville, AL before moving on to teach at several colleges and universities as a Doctoral Chair. Dr. Hester is an academic researcher who centers her work around the telecom industry. Any of her publications can be found on the website, or by request.


The impact of the loss of her husband, resulting from a completely avoidable workplace accident, motivated her to found Hubble Foundation to honor God and her late husband, Jonce Hubble. Dr. Hester strives abide by Isaiah 1:17 by seeking justice for climbers who have perished through changing the safety regulations in the industry, assisting their children to achieve their educational goals, and caring for the widows left behind after the loss of their loved ones.

Dr. Hester's CV and Resume

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Rod Julian, Safety Expert

Hubble Foundation Secretary
Voting Member

Rod Julian is a United States Air Force Veteran, third-generation Tower Climber, and is employed with the State of Washington Labor and Industries, and has experience as a High Voltage and Telecommunications Safety Compliance Supervisor.  


Rod is a highly sought-after safety professional expert. He has over 30 years of experience in the Tower and Telecommunications Industry bringing a unique perspective to the Agency with knowledge literally from the ground up to include having climbed for a living. He serves as an expert witness, completes complex accident and fatality investigations, performs compliance inspections, provides review and direction of training, and has engaged in speaking events to include the Washington State Governors Safety Conference.


Mr. Julian is an author of the 2018 Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 296-32, Safety & Health Standard for Telecommunications, also the 2020 Revision.  His personal knowledge of the industry offers profound insight, allowing for a melding between real-world function and existing regulatory safety and health rules, creating a very useful and well-respected “Little Red Book” for the Telecommunications Scope of Work.


Mr. Julian is a certified UAS FAA Part 107 Pilot, and serves as the Department’s UAS Program Maintenance Officer and Administrator. Rod has been a strong advocate and instrumental leader in moving the Agencies Drone Program forward, authoring and participating in the Agency’s Policy and Procedures. Mr. Julian will also be involved in the writing of the Washington State UAS Workplace Safety Rule. 


Nationally, Mr. Julian has influenced and affected change in the Tower (Wireless), Wireline, and High Voltage Industries.  He has brought much-needed attention to Communication Tower Safety regarding structures and safety climb systems, and RF Awareness. He is, and has been, involved with and provided input for many National Consensus Standards.  


Laura Givens, Attorney

Hubble Foundation VP
Founding & Voting Member

Laura Givens is one of the founding members of Hubble Foundation. Mrs. Givens is an attorney in Guntersville, AL, where she practices probate, real estate, and elder law. Mrs. Givens earned her Juris Doctorate from Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, AL in 2002 while raising three daughters. Outside her office, she a mother and wife.


Laura initially helped Dr. Hester found the Hubble Foundation, as she was a friend of both Dr. Hester, and Jonce Hubble. Laura brings extensive legal and non profit experience to Hubble Foundation, and is a valued member of the team!


Barbara Burba, Telecommunications Executive

Hubble Foundation
Voting Member

Barbara Burba is a wireless telecommunications executive and industry expert. Her expertise spans Tower Development, Site Acquisition, Real Estate Services, Turn-Key Construction, and complex contract negotiations. Barbara also has considerable experience supporting Government Contracts.
In January 2021 was appointed as the President of the Pennsylvania Wireless Association.
In January 2019 she was named Director of Government Operations at American Tower Corp/InSite Wireless Group. In her role she was instrumental in rapid business growth and resolving highly complex contracts negotiations with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
She founded Amerisite Wireless Development in 2006, a diversity certified woman owned business enterprise and a certified small business enterprise. She is a sought-after advisor, consulting with telecommunications companies, broadcast operators, and tower companies nationwide. She has vast experience is in Tower Development, Site Acquisition/Real Estate Services as well as Consulting, Turn-Key Construction, and contacts/resolutions. Those who know Barbara trust her ability to “put systems on the air”.
A passion of Barbara’s is training and education. She worked with the Federal Department of Education for over 12 years as a consultant and trainer. Most of her instructor experience has been in training or educating adults in government or education forums. She has the only industry developed training for Site Development through the Wireless Industry Association’s (WIA) Training Education Center (TEC). She has worked with several universities teaching Master and Doctorate level education to students.
She also is a certified mediator with the Atlanta Justice Department. Barbara has worked with various systems within Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio to train federal government agencies.
Barbara sits on several Board of Directors. Pennsylvania Wireless Association- President, Chairperson for the Regulatory Committee, and the Education Committee. Barbara also sits on the Pennsylvania 911 Advisory Board and the Broadband Authority for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She is the President of the Board of Directors for Tower Trails Therapy Services.
She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and resides in the Harrisburg PA area.

Barbara is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and has a driving passion for education! We are excited and humbled she accepted our request to join the team!


Alice Workman,
Telecommunications Technician and Project Manager

Hubble Foundation
Voting Member

Alice brings over twenty years of experience in telecom project and personnel management with extensive experience in problem-solving and quality assurance. Alice not only is in management, but also began her career as a technician in the field and is a valued new member of Hubble Foundation as she brings high-energy and professionalism. Alice has an incredible aptitude for leadership by example while motivating peak performance with whom she works.

Alice has assisted Dr. Hester since the inception of Hubble Foundation and has continually been a trusted source for understanding and education for the foundation. We are humbled she decided to accept our invitation to the board. Alice stated that "I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful organization that supports the families of our industry" and we are honored to have her!


Hubble Foundation Advisory Board Members
Non-Voting Members


Hubble Foundation also has two advisory member on the board including, Ronald J. Hester, Executive Director, and John Newquist, advisory board member and Executive Safety Consultant.


Ronald has been with the foundation since its inception. Ronald grew up with Jonce Hubble (for whom the foundation is named, and late husband to Dr. Hester). After his death, and the inception of the foundation, Ronald has dedicated himself to assisting Dr. Hester and the board, and helping families in need.

John is a retired OSHA investigator and workplace safety consultant. John came onto the foundation as an advisory member after sharing information and guidance to Dr. Hester early on after the inception of the foundation. His wealth of expertise and knowledge in workplace safety is unmatched.