Hubble Foundation - Taking Climber Safety to New Heights

Working at heights is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. There are a myriad of jobs that require work at elevation: wireless industry technicians, small & large wind technicians, window washers, billboard workers, broadcast technicians, iron workers, construction workers, bridge inspectors, linemen, high tension linemen, rope access technicians, tree surgeons … the list is endless. In addition, these men and women don't just climb to elevation and come back to ground level. They are often on elevated structures for 8 hours or more per day in every possible element.

Please Help Us Honor the Fallen
While there are many reasons for fatalities across industries, everyone plays a part in workplace safety ... EVERYONE! When a worker passes away executing a job at elevation, the families are left to pick up the pieces. I know because I AM one of those wives. Hubble Foundation was created to honor my late husband, Jonce Hubble, a telecommunications technician. After Jonce's tragic and completely preventable workplace death, I started this foundation to dedicate myself to his memory and to make changes in the telecommunication industry.

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